Redondo Union Tourney Recap: Long Beach Poly Girls Basketball


When you think of girls basketball and grassroots tradition in the State of CA, there’s only one acronym that comes to my mind:  LBP.  The Long Beach Poly girls basketball program…scratch that.  The tradition of winning and being great in all athletics is special on the campus of LB Poly.  Wanna talk about programs being on the same page?? Good Lord!


The Poly mystique, along with the ever familiar LBP green, will ever be imprinted in my mind. On the hard wood, football field, volleyball court, track and field, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few other sports teams and coaches on their campus, that have gone above and beyond the scope of their jobs, taking young minds and bodies and sculpting them into professional young adults – Poly seems to do it on a consistent basis. Equipping their student athletes with skillets on and off the court, so they’ll be ready for challenges facing them on and off the court.  Which, in my eyes, is much more important than wins and loses.


I’m an outsider looking in.  But you can fell the magic of Poly and what they do.  It’s just karma at it’s finest. We had a chance to feel some of the magic of the Long Beach Poly Girls Basketball Team during the 2017 Redondo Union Battle @ The Beach Tourney – and would like to share some with you.  Senior #11 Kennedi Shorts 6-0, SF, G is special, seen here ballin’ out as The Jackrabbots take on Windward (CA) during the 2017 Redondo Union Battle @ The Beach Tourney.  Kennedi has punched her ticket to Grand Canyon.


Take a look at the LBP Girls Official Mixtape from the RU Battle @ The Beach Tourney.  PopScout is out and about looking for programs that exceed expectations because, to be honest, we are as passionate about the game as you are family.

Elevate Yo’ Game

Author: PopScout

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