Burroughs Tourney Spotlight: Hart SG Annie Christofferson

A natural feel for the game…including a scorers mentality.  Add that up and it equals Class of 2018 Super Senior SG Annie Christofferson of Hart High.  Had a chance to see this young lady ball out during the 35th Annual John Burroughs Girls Basketball Tourney December 09, 2017.  The bad thing about it is that we only had a chance to see her shine for one game.  The game we did see, we were very impressed with her natural feel for the game and her ability to stay in the zone and get buckets.

Probably will get looked over by many programs who may seek a more athletic shooting guard but this young lady deserves a very strong look by D1 programs out there, looking to bring in a unique basketball personality, that will surely become a solid teammate and a stocking-stuffer wherever she lands.  Keep up the good work young lady, we feel the passion you have for the game of basketball. Take a look at a few clips of this young lady doing her ‘thang’

Hart Next Game (Maxpreps)
December 12, 2017
Ventura Tourney
vs. Newbury Park

Elevate Yo’ Game

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