Evaluating ‘your’ play

So the season has begun.  Teams and coaches have pretty much figured out who will step up to the plate and bring their A game when it counts.  It’s not too late for players to go back to the lab and continue to refine their craft, especially after having a few games under your belt.  Take what your coach(es) are saying to heart and try to buy into what they are asking of you as a player and for the benefit of the team.

Are you one of those coaches who hold grudges with your players throughout the course of a season, keeping them in the dog house for little things that could be corrected in practice. Practice? We talking about practice fam’. (PopScout)

But what happens when players are giving their all but it still isn’t enough in the eyes of a coach or entire coaching staff?   To turn the other cheek, what happens when a coach gets outplayed or outperformed?  Do we have a 30 minute talk with him/her after the game – berating them in the corner of the gym for every little mistake they made?  Or better yet, pointing out that their game plan sucked, and we had no rabbits to pull out of the hat –  to make us special –  and beat teams that may be more talented.  Or are we living in lala land, getting transfers in and thinking our you know what don’t stink, until the transfers stop arriving and we see our W-L record flip flop in an instant.

Sierra Canyon was missing a few pieces that will be eligible in January. In the mean time, they must continue to develop a defensive identity for their ball club as GHC outperformed them in the rebounding category and second chance points. (PopScout)

You get the point I’m sure. PopScout will begin to take a closer look at coaches each week and spotlight those who have truly bought into the art of coaching.  It’s not just about screaming at a player, berating them, looking for every mistake they make,  as if they are trying to do it on purpose.  It’s much more  than that family.

Become Great at what you do.

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