2017 Beverly Hills Tourney Schedule: Day 1 &2


Game 1 @ 2:00pm – Dorsey vs. Beverly Hills
Game 2 @ 3:30pm – Brentwood vs. Washington Prep
Game 3 @ 5:00pm – El Camino Real vs. LACES
Game 4 @ 6:30pm – Van Nuys vs. Long Beach Poly
Game 5 @ 8:00pm – Santa Monica vs. View Park


Game 6 @ 2:00pm – Losers of game 3 and 4
Game 7 @ 3:30pm – Stockdale (Bakersfield) vs. Birmingham
Game 8 @ 5:00pm – Fairfax vs. West (Bakersfield)

Game 9 @ 6:30pm – Loyola vs. Hollywood
Game 10 @ 8:00pm –Losers of games 1 and 2




Elevate Yo’ Game

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