Charisma Osborne is Special

Class of 2019 G Charisma Osborne of Windward feels the pain as she shakes off the rust during Windward’s season opener against Harvard Westlake. Maxpreps has Windward sitting as the #23 team in the nation. Nice. (PopScout)

Had a chance to see Windward take on Harvard Westlake in an early season match-up, pitting two teams that will definitely be making noise come new year.  Although Charisma wasn’t her normal self, in terms of putting up numbers and pulling the bow and arrow, she did show a lot of resolve.  What happens family when your shot is off and you’re not making buckets?  You help your team out in other aspects of the game. The basketball Gods are sure to bless you…and that’s what happened to Charisma. By not hanging your head because your shot wasn’t falling and losing focus on other areas of the game (some might say the intangibles),  you showed a lot of character young lady by staying patient, trusting in your teammates, and believing in your coaches’ system.  Job well done.

Here’s Charisma Osborne’s Mixtape against Harvard Westlake, played November 22, 2017 @ Windward.  Windward (and Charisma) was able to hold their composure and pull out the victory, in overtime, after trailing for most of the game. The Harvard Westlake twin power duo of Jayla and Jayda will be tough to stop this season. If this game was any indication of how competitive CA girls basketball is going to be in 2017-18, then let the good times roll.

Elevate Yo’ Game

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