Hold the Rope

Former Chino Hills Coach Steve Baik will look to guide Fairfax (CA) to another magical season.  Fairfax defeated Venice by a score of  69-32, November 17, 2017 to open the season.  They travel up north to face Bishop O’Dowd Saturday November 25, 2017 during the NorCal Tip Off Classic @ Newark Memorial.  (PopScout)

What happens when you’re drowning…someone throws you a rope.  What happens when your car goes over the cliff??  Someone casts a rope and pulls you to safety.  On the hardwood floor, it’s no different.  Having your teammates back and showing that you’ll rescue them in a time of need such as when a PG needs help breaking the press or your big man is trapped in the corner and needs a little love.  As teams begin their 2017-18 journey towards a Championship – whether it be Open, Division 1,2,3…it’s going to come down to, most of the time, how well you loved your fellow teammates and were you willing to go the extra mile –  not for the individual awards, but for team success.

Lonzo Ball threw the rope out on many occasions during Chino Hills’ undefeated 2015-16 (35-0) season.  (PopScout)

Take a look at Coach Baik, Fairfax, and their coaching staff as they prepare to travel up North to take on Bishop O’Dowd Saturday, November 25, 2017. Throughout the 2017-18 campaign, PopScout will take an in-depth look at players and teams, who rely on each other to get it done.  Period.  No sugar coating it with special effects or bells and whistles.  Just getting down and dirty, when the going gets tough, and putting a teammate (or entire team) on your back. when it counts  Be special!

Elevate Yo’ game

Author: PopScout

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