ARC Game of the Week

ARC takes on Blue Chip for the JV ‘Ship November 19, 2017.  Image by PopScout.

Grassroots family.  No one has done it longer and more consistently than the ARC league ran by Rich Goldberg.  Taking kids from scratch and turning them into 5 Star student athletes is the goal for every program coordinator.   ARC provides that vehicle through league play that focuses on player development.  Games are usually played on Sundays, when kids usually takes days off.  Nope. Sundays have been a staple for most, as kids hit the gym and compete, against other programs, who also have those some goals in mind:  taking their players to the next level.

It was Championship Sunday and PopScout was on hand, as usual, determined to find grassroots programs who are truly developing their young student athletes – preparing them for lessons on and off the court.  This is a great time to see teams (and Coaches and Parents) who may lose, but show a sense of pride/character or a certain aspect of their game you might not see when the going is rough and the chips are down –  versus a game that’s a blow out and there’s no sense of urgency – so to speak –  about your game.  Think about the way you’re approaching he game of basketball and life young soldiers remember that there is always someone looking. Veteran ARC coach Ron Quarterman his squad to another victory.  It’s a blessing that ARC has developed a solid foundation under the tutelage of Coach Quarterman.  Enjoy the game.

Elevate Yo’ game

Author: PopScout

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