Boss Hogs

Class of 2018 Sr. Combo Guard Zekiah ‘Bumpy’ Lovett will be a boss hog for Redondo Union this season.  Would love to see some back yard battles between him and his older brother Marcus you feel me.  Image by PopScout.

Dude…what happens when you stay in the lab when everybody else aint looking?  What happens when you believe in yourself, take the necessary steps to improve your game, and then you see the results?   What happens is that you become a Boss Hog on the court – showing the ability to step your game up when it counts.  PopScout will take a look at CA Boss Hogs – those who have proven on and off the court that hard work pays dividends.  Be special!

Class of 2018 PG Bryce Hamilton has punched his ticket to UNLV. The kid is a true boss hog on the court. Image by PopScout.

Bryce Hamilton
6’4 Combo Guard
Pasadena High
Class of 2018
UNLV Commit

Looking for a player who exhibits skills similar to Memphis Grizzlies PG Mike Conley? Then look no further than Pasadena.  Bryce is a smooth lefty who handles the ball like a soldier, while sharing duties with his backcourt running mate Darius Brown II.  The upside of this young man is tremendous, as he appears to be locked and loaded for the upcoming campaign. Players have benefited from the rigors of Summer AAU sessions.  Whether it be on the Nike EYBL circuit, Under Armour, Adidas, etc., players are benefiting from playing against stiff competition to really see where their games stands.  Bryce has definitely taken advantage of opportunities that have presented itself in the form of lab work.  Look for this young man to help lead Pasadena to a CIF-SS title.

Shareef and Shaq
2018 Wingman Shareef O’Neal gets a few pointers from his dad during ‘The 8’ tourney.  Shareef is a Boss Hog.  Image by Popscout.

Shareef O’Neal
6’10 Wing
Crossroads School
Class of 2018
Arizona Commit

Was a bit concerned about the game of Shareef when he was playing with the AOC AAU travel team.  As an assistant coach at the time, I, for sure, was a bit unsure if this young man would develop into a Boss Hog.  The mystery has been solved with the advent of Shaq Diesel, Cal Supreme, and Shareef’s  willingness to take his game to the next level.  Although Shareef is still a bit wet behind the ears in terms of his maturation on the court, that should diminish considerably by seasons end.  We love the game of the young man and enjoyed seeing the growth and development over the course of his high school career.  Be special young man!


Ethan Anderson
6’1 Combo Guard
Fairfax High
Class of 2019

‘Dem’ Fairfax boys along with Ethan Anderson will make some serious noise this season.  Ethan is a beast.  Period.  Gets to the bucket at will, scores from all three levels, plays solid enough D to be a threat, and has the character and demeanor of a good kid.  Along with his running mate Jamal Anderson, Fairfax will be at the top of the City Food Chain with Coach Baik seeking another title.  All the components fall into the right place for Ethan – we are a bit concerned about his abiltity to lead a team once Jamal leaves for greener pastures.  Stay in the lab young man, work on those PG duties in the off season to catapult yourself as a 5 star recruit.

Elevate Yo’ game

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