We Miss Melo

Class of 2019 5 Star recruit La Melo Ball sizes up his long range jumper during a 2016 tournament game. Pops has pulled the switch on LIl Melo’s HS playing days. We’re gunna miss Lil’ Melo.  Image by PopScout

Remember the good old days when The Ball Brothers were so predictable?  They would show up to all the games (Zo never missed a summer league game – a true gym rat), made plays and moved the crowd. Similar to an Eric B and Rakim concert.  Lavar would do his thang as well,  becoming a sideline coach throughout the entire game – demanding that players take heed to his words.  Dad has been a bit quiet since the UCLA news broke (I guess we know now how to make him hush).

The Ball tenure is a wrap. It was sweet while it lasted. Image taken during the Mater Dei Nike Extravaganza.

But on the serious side.  It’s going to be a tough adjustment indeed – not seeing any of the Ball Brothers on the court this season.  So for all you Ball Brother junkies, PopScout will be digging in the crates, pulling old clips and pics in hopes of keeping hope alive you feel me.  Let’s hope dad has a change of heart and slips Melo into the grove of things real soon.  Let’s keep our fingers cross.

Life after Zo was looking pretty good for the Big Ballers VXT club. They continued to imprint their style of play, keeping teams at bay during a recent tournament help April 9, 2016 in Garden Grove, CA. Look for Chino Hills to revamp itself now that Coach Baik and Zo have moved on to greener pastures.

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Author: PopScout

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