Dapper Dandy’s

Part 1 of our look at Dapper Dandy’s that stood out this summer on the AAU circuit.

Summer has come and gone.  It was a time to showcase your skills, beginning your journey towards stardom.  Many feel the AAU circuit may be watered down with Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike all having their own summer circuit extravaganza of some sort. With many teams not able to compete against each other because of this, it’s hard to determine who truly is the cream of the crop – although Nike Peach Jam – won by the Oakland Soldiers –  gives us about as close of an indication as we are going to get.


PopScout hung out at The Las Vegas Classic, hosted by BigFootHoops, which held a mini tournament featuring 8 of the top AAU clubs in the country called ‘The 8’.  Once the tourney was complete, teams then moved to the championship rounds of the Las Vegas Classic. We spotlight some of the Dapper Dandy’s that stood out during ‘The 8’.  California Supreme won the 17u Platinum Championship Division behind strong play of G Joshua Christopher and F Shareef O’Neal.


Josh Christopher  – Guard
California Supreme
Class of 2020
Dapper Dandy in the making.  Scores from all levels of the court.  Intermediate ball handling skills but has the craftiness and demeanor to get to the bucket. Solid defender who looks to make plays on both ends of the court. Pogo stick who jumps out the gym and shows decent 3pt range. Needs to limit mistakes at times by not forcing the issue. Class of 2020 stud will be on everyone’s radar when its all said and done.  If the kid continues to excel and stay in the lab, sky’s the limit for this young soldier.


Shareef O’Neal – Forward
California Supreme
Class of 2018
Arizona Verbal

Development of this young man’s game is flourishing under the tutelage of his dad and Cal Supreme.  Word on the street is that Kobe Bryant has been the lab instructor – giving Shareef knowledge beyond his years, that’s truly paying dividends on the hardwood.  Shareef has a nice tool-box set of skills.  Although he doesn’t do one thing spectacularly good, he’s well rounded and should be a monster when he hits the campus of Tucson, Arizona – after one more year of high school ball.  At 6’8 205lbs, he needs to add some muscle to his frame and fill out but that shouldn’t be an issue considering his dad is ‘The Big Diesel’.  PopScout loves, and we mean loves the upside of this kid and feels as though he’s a lock to garner NBA recognition after a year or two of collegiate ball.


 Javonte Smart  – 6’4  Guard
Houston Hoops
Class of 2018
This young man has benefited greatly from the Wear and Tear of the AAU circuit over the past several years,  being that we first saw him balling for Elfred Payton Elite as a sophomore.  This year, he took his game to the Houston Hoops during The Las Vegas Classic and showcased advanced skills at the point.  At 6’4 (typo in the image above) he has the size, craftiness, and handles to get to the rim. While making sound decisions with the rock, he is an ultimate floor general showing the willingness to get his teammates involved.  Very good passer, lights out from 3pt range, and seems to play at a high level against tougher competition.  Concerned about players taking their skills for granted, as we noticed a few times Javonte on cruise control. Javonte will catapult himself to the league after one or two years fine tuning his skills at LSU.


William Richardson  – 6’4  Guard
Each 1 Teach 1
Class of 2018
Point Guard U.  If you’re looking for a floor general, then look no further than William Richardson.  Garnering offers from 16 Div.1 schools, this young man seems to be born to run a squad.  Built in the mold of PG Jalen Brunson of Villanova, William possesses all the skills required to be an extension of the coach.  As we look for him to develop that killer instinct a bit more and become a cold assassin in addition to his leadership skills. He truly was one of the Dapper Dandy’s that stood out among the rest.


Kihei Clark  – 5’10  Guard
Oakland Soldiers
Class of 2018
It’s tough being undersized against some of the better competition in the country.  At 5’10, UC Davis commit Kihei Clark has to juggle this balancing act.  He does a very good job handling the ball despite his stature – as many defenders try to push your buttons, seeing if they can ‘break the little guy’.  Playing valuable minutes for the Oakland Soldiers, (Oakland Soldiers won the 2017 Nike Peach jam Championship) his experience as a floor general  – from that experience alone –  should allow him to outperform the competition when he suits up for Taft and Coach Derrick Taylor in the Fall.   We like what we see from Kihei and look forward to his development as a senior and when he suits up for the Aggie’s of UC Davis.

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