Sending a Message

Does it come down to wins and loses or do you have another philosophy behind your AAU program?  Image taken during the 2017 Las Vegas Live Tourney hosted by BigFootHoops.

The Summer circuit has come to a close.  Some teams have done very well, while others must head back to the drawing board – possibly to tweak or make some minor adjustments – while others must scrap their whole system and begin from scratch.  Whatever the case may be, it’s going to boil down to a very simple question for your program:

How are you approaching the game of basketball?


Many clubs look for the support of parents to create a program that’s beneficial for all.  What happens when a kid has the talent but parents can’t afford the AAU grind?


Financial Standpoint
If it’s financially based, because if it is so, chances are you’re finding that there isn’t too much profit in the AAU circuit from the get go.  Teams have to generate income for start up costs,  practice facilities, tournament fees, uniforms, etc.  Expenses across the board – from gym time to tournament entry fees just to name a few – seem to be rising, as everyone’s getting their hands on a piece of the AAU pie.  Many team managers and presidents have spoken of just breaking even, sometimes dipping into their own savings to keep operations afloat.


Many AAU programs start because dad has the best interest for his son so he decides to start a program.  Without the proper knowledge of the game, this can lead to a dead end road for your kid and your program.  Image by PopScout.


The Next Best Thing
Maybe you’re looking for the next big thing.  That star player that will take your program to the next level.  Chances are he/she has already been contacted by all of the top programs so, although you may have them on your squad for the time being, as soon as an opportunity arises for them to jump to a major AAU club, it’s adios amigos.  Would you blame them, consider they may have a shot at a free education and chances of pursuing their dreams of playing in the league.

It’s great when we can give back and see the development of young players over the course of their development.

Your passion for the game
We’ve played the game before and feel as though we could truly make a difference in the lives of youths.   Many of us have horror stories growing up, dealing with coaches who didn’t have our best interest at heart. For those of us who really care, it becomes a challenge because of the grind, associated with AAU basketball.  Practices, tournaments, conditioning, and the list goes on and on.  Those who don’t have the time and luxury of developing a grassroots program find themselves between a rock and a hard place, unable to fully handle the commitments associated with running a program that has become a full time job for most.

This summer there were over 2,000 teams in Las Vegas at various tournaments – all trying to stake their claim as the best of the best.

One things for sure is that the excitement and buzz of AAU basketball is at an all time high.  The stakes are big:  win that elusive college scholarship that will change the scope of your life forever, staking your claim as one of the true ballers from your hood  It’s coming down to much more than wins and loses these days on the AAU circuit.

Become Great at what you do.


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