A chip off the old block.

Former UNLV PG Dedan Thomas reacts to a call during the 2017 Las Vegas Live Tourney hosted by BigFootHoops.  Image by PopScout.

So you had game growing up huh?  Developed your skills and catapulted yourself to D1 status.  You made a name for yourself – whether it be overseas, NBA, or just the Drew league.  It all came down to putting in hard work, your passion for the game, and sometimes just someone who was willing to believe in your abilities and take a chance on your game.  You’ve done your part.  But will that translate in your kids being able to follow that same path?

DJ runs the point for West Coast Basketball’s 12u AAU Club.  He has the luxury of learning from his dad, Dedan Sr., who’s the head coach.  Image by PopScout.

Isn’t it sweet when the cake has already been mixed?  Ingredients added, pans buttered, and oven heated.  All you basically have to do is put the pans in the oven and watch it rise. Kids whose dads have played on a high level, have the luxury of having their cake and eating it too.  Being afforded the knowledge and experience handed down from pops.

Finding the right mentor in the game of basketball, at an early age, can be a lonely road.  It’s cool that some kids have dads showing them the ropes.

It was a blessing to see young DJ putting in work, taking the reins from his dad during the 2017 Las Vegas Live Tourney hosted by BigFootHoops.  In terms of parenting, it sometimes comes down to having an open relationship with your son (or daughter) and developing the communication lines that will enable the two of you to accept and trust each other.  It’s a slippery slope these days, dealing with kids and just how touchy it can be, when trying to give advice.  It’s safe to say that DJ has been listening to his dad and shows the ability to translate that into court success. Priceless you feel me.

Take a look at a few clips of Dedan ‘DJ’ Thomas during the 2017 Las Vegas Live Tourney hosted by BigFootHoops.  The kid has some swag.  We wish him the best of luck as he continues to develop his game.  With the help of pops, sky’s the limit.

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