HS Girls Hoops: Fairfax wins Legacy Tourney

Look for Fairfax to be one of the favorites to win a City Section Title.  The Lady Lions are becoming battle tested indeed.

Coaching the right way.  Is there a formula for success these days?  Getting your players motivated to play the game of basketball is a challenge for any coach who’s ever picked up a clipboard.  Nowadays, with so much pressure on coaches to win – at any level from the YMCA, park league, AAU, to the NBA/WNBA, pressure – and stress –  is at an all time high.  How does one keep his/her cool amidst the storm?

Coach Thomas does a tremendous job of keeping his cool and allowing his players to play through their mistakes.  Then does his teaching and scolding behind closed doors…during timeouts and in the locker room.  What you would label a players coach indeed.

We love what we see out of Head Coach Corry Thomas, and several other coaches out there on the Cali’ Hoops Girls BBall Circuit.  Coach Thomas has a different approach:  believe in his girls, let them play through their mistakes and not be quick to pull the trigger, as well as not screaming at them when they make miscues out there on the court. He then does his teaching during timeouts and in the locker room. Taking the bitter with the sweet you feel me.

The guards for the Lady Lions are skilled and crafty. Look for them to continue to develop their togetherness and round out into good playoff form. Image by PopScout.

This was evident when Fairfax lost a very tough game against a powerhouse Windward team, only to bounce back and win the Legacy tournament the next day, beating Legacy by a score of 66-57. BTW… the team took off from the Legacy tourney to play Windward, eventually competing in 5 games in 5 days – with a team that had only been together for a few games.  We don’t like to make excuses  but Good Lord…5 games in 5 days!  They were also able to avenge a previous loss by getting the W over Redondo Union during the Legacy tourney.  We all know how hard it is for NBA teams to win back to back games, let alone 5 games in 5 days.  The Lady Lions went 4-1.  You might want to put an asterisk by this W Windward, knowing now that Fairfax competed in back to back to back games before giving you a run for your money.

Sr. Guard Fatou Semebene shows true skillsets. She rebounds, blocks shots, pushes the rock, and stops and pops. Being a lefty, her game is naturally smooth as a baby’s booty.  She’s what we refer to as a ‘stocking stuffer’. Filling up the stat sheets you feel me.

Character counts and in the long run, Coach Thomas of Fairfax will be blessed by the basketball Gods for showing patience, staying true to his girls, and developing players who know what to expect from their coach on game day.  So many times you never know what to expect from your coach on game day. It’s like a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde type of relationship.  Nice to see some coaches who don’t let the stress of the game change who they are as a person, come tip-off time.

Take a look at some highlights of Fairfax as they take on Windward January 5, 2017 during a close and very competitive game. We spotlight Super Senior Fatou Semebene.The lefty has game, going to work on players at will. She pulls the bow and arrow as well as runs the PG position with size.  Scouts will have to have this young lady on the radar when it’s all said and done. Fairfax plays Uni. tonight at 7pm (Jan 11, 2017).  Look out city section ’cause the Lions are for real.  The Lady Lions will get a test this weekend when they go up against Bishop Montgomery 6pm, Jan. 14 at the West LA Showcase (PopScout will be on hand providing media coverage for the tourney) and then travel to Serra High in Gardena Jan. 16 to take on Brea Olinda at 6:25pm.  We know the Fairfax boys team get much props, and deservedly so, but come out and support your Lady Lions as well.  Get some rest young ladies.

Become Great at what you do.

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