Girls Hoops: Julia Macabuhay is Special

What makes up the characteristics of a true point guard?  Is it their ability to run the team and stay poised under pressure?  is it there ability to break down the defense and make good decisions?  Or is it their ability to play unselfish and make everyone around them better?  Maybe it’s their ability to be a second coach on the floor? It’s all of the above and much more.

Looking for a true point guard ?  Then look no further than La Salle Jr. PG Julia Macabuhay.  Image by PopScout.

Jr. PG Julia Macabuhay is as close to a pure, true point guard as you are going to see in a long, long time.  This young lady has all the intangibles to be a top recruit for the class of 2018. Her pedigree… (just to name a few good things she does on the floor):  Handles off the chain (and we do mean off the chain).   IQ on the court off the chart (AP classes you feel me). Plays unselfish as they come, showing a willingness to get her teammates involved on every possession  – if need be.  Can put her team on her back and make buckets when it counts.  Has the ability to shoot from 3pt land, pulling the bow and arrow. Stamina that allows her to play an entire game, while still being super effective for 32 minutes of play.

Julia checks the clock for time while keeping her dribble alive.  Julia has true PG skillsets  with a basketball IQ that’s off the charts.  This young lady understands the role of a PG.

PopScout has seen quite a few games this year on the Women’s CA Bball Circuit (JC and High School).  Julia has to be one of the best of the best at running the show.  She may not get the notoriety  she deserves from playing at La Salle (CA Division 3), but if I were a scout, I would definitely be taking a long look at this young lady. She is the full package indeed.  A true joy to watch for those who appreciate the game and understand the role of a PG.

Here are some highlights of this young lady in action against Flintridge Sacred Heart.  The game was played January 3, 2016 at La Salle.  La Salle was able to come away with the victory by a score of 54-47, primarily because of the play and leadership of Julia.  Keep perfecting your craft young lady.  Game recognize game you feel me.

Become Great at what you do.

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