Girls basketball: Canyon looks to learn from their mistakes.

Midway through the 2nd Quarter, there were smiley faces and good things to cheer about for the Canyon Girls basketball team.  They were knocking down shots and dominating inside against Palisades during the 1st half of a quarterfinal match-up at the 2016 Palisades Beach Invitational Tourney.  Things seemed to come unglued during the 2nd half, as Palisades used a smothering defense to force turnover after turnover as well as pulling the bow and arrow from long range.  It was a tale of two halves as Canyon just didn’t seem to handle the pressure of Palisades.  Closing games is a critical component a team must figure out when playing against solid competition.  Developing an identity to your squad is a trait all teams must establish you feel me.

6’3 Jr. Rachel Bowers dominated in the paint during the 1st half of play, scoring 14 points.  She was limited to 4 points in the 2nd half.  Image by PopScout.

One thing the Canyon Girls BBall team can learn from after suffering their 1st defeat of the early 2016-17 season is that you don’t win a game in the first half.  You must stay focused, humble, and keep up the momentum or you will see your lead – and the game – dwindle away.  That was the case Tuesday night as Canyon lost to a very gritty and undersized Palisades team by a score of 64-56.  All is not lost, as this was just the 2nd game of the season for both teams.

Sr. PG #5 Angelino Puno provided a good punch coming off the bench for the Cowboys during their Quarterfinal match-up against the Dolphins of Palisades.  Image by PopScout.

We do like what we see from Canyon – showing some good guard play, execution of their schemes, and the ability to feed the post and play an uptempo style of play.  With a tough pre-conference tourney schedule coming up for them – playing in the Nike TOC  as well as the Burroughs tourney – it’s no time to hold your head down but pick up the pieces and continue learning from your mistakes.

Look for Head Coach Jessica Haayer to make sure her team develops a ‘closers’ mentality as the season progresses.  We love the execution and style of play from her system.

Look for Canyons’ squad to overcome obstacles as a basketball unit so that, at the end of the day, they’ll be primed for conference play and a strong playoff push.  Develop an identity for yourselves young ladies and don’t take leads for granted…but I’m sure your coach has stressed these factors.

Take a look at a few highlights from their game against Palisades at the 2016 Palisades Beach Invitational Tourney.  We spotlight 6’3 Jr. Rachel Bowers who was a beast in the post for the Cowboys.  Eat young lady!

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