Reseda advances to 2nd Round

As teams get deeper in the playoffs, togetherness and team chemistry becomes a big factor towards success. Win or go home baby. Image by PopScout.

The Reseda Regents won their opening round playoff game against visiting Marshall High of Los Angeles by a score of 43-7.  The Regents are now 6-0 on their home turf and showed why they’re hard to beat at home this season.  With solid offensive schemes and a very good defense, the Regents are battle tested going into their Quarterfinal match-up Friday, November 18, 2016 against West Adams Prep. 7th ranked West Adams knocked off North Hollywood by a score of 48-28 and hold records of 6-5, 5-1 in league play.

It’s coming down to X’s and O’s.  Special teams, Center snaps, turnovers, and other aspects of the game are key.  Teams must execute and avoid mental mistakes for 48 minutes.

During the playoffs, all records are tossed out the window as it boils down to who can step up, make plays, and execute their game-plan at the end of the day. Ball security is a key component as well, as we all know turnovers can swing the momentum of a game and cost you victories in big games.  The Regents were able to come away with several picks and avoid making costly mistakes, to handle a Marshall team, who came out looking as if they would give the Regents a run for their money in the first few minutes of play. Reseda was able to show depth and rely on several underclassmen who stepped up and played very well.  Just goes to show that you must be patient and not be intimidated as other less talented teams who try to use the opening quarter to gain an edge. This could have you on your toes for the remaining 3 quarters.

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Playoff games allow a chance for underclassmen to gain valuable experience, that could lead to success for next season.  Reseda gets good play from  underclassmen such as #7 Jr. Michael Martin III, #5 Jr. D’Marco Altieri, along with several others who shine on the field. Learning from your mistakes and being able to pick the brain of seniors who’ve been there, done that, allows you to step your game up and use that playing time to your advantage.  Nothing beats playing experience you feel me.

Senior Gerardo Hernandez studies the playbook during a league game against Van Nuys High. The team who executes the most and avoids costly turnovers, usually comes away with a victory during playoff time.

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The game of football is won and lost in the trenches.  Look for the Reseda vs West Adams match-up to be no different, as seniors such as #55 Alex Diaz, #52 Frank Hernandez, and #61 Captain Louie Hernandez look to impose their will on West Adams to allow their offense/defense to gain an edge, thus advancing to the semifinal match up against the winner of Torres vs Hollywood November 25, 2016.  It’s way too early to look ahead, but if the game becomes a battle of will, look for linemen to play key roles in who decides the outcome Friday night.

Reseda will look to protect their quarterbacks at all cost as Senior #9 Zack Almora gets some TLC from the Reseda training staff during a recent game.  With West Adams only having 25 players on their MaxPreps roster, depth may become an issue. Reseda likes to bring the wood each and every play.  Smash mouth football ya dig.

Take a look at highlights from the Reseda vs Marshall game played November 10, 2016 at Reseda High School. We spotlight #4 RB/LB Senior Carlos Hernandez who’s been a stud all year long for the Regents on both sides of the ball. We like to refer to him as a bruiser – always looking to hit somebody. Reseda was able to step their game up, show poise early on, and come away with a solid opening round victory.  Playoff football…it doesn’t get any better than this.

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