Passion of the game: Lone Peak Basketball

Great to see teams maximize their potential and play the game of basketball at a high level.  Sometimes you don’t have to be a great leaper or show superior athleticism to excel at the game.  Image by PopScout

We always say that the game of basketball is magical.  The more you put into your craft, the better the game will reward you at the end of the day.  But what if you couldn’t rely on your jumping ability or superior athleticism to get you over the hump?  What if you had to do the little things to become great at the game such as player/ball movement, exposing weaknesses in the defense, or utilizing the triple threat with the rock on all occasions, and just getting down and dirty without all the bells and whistles.

It was good to see Lone Peak High basketball team from the State of Utah come out during a recent Fall League game at St. John Bosco and show us another side of the game.  Players using team chemistry, ball movement, and exposing team weaknesses to gain an advantage over their competition.  The kids from Lone Peak shoot the lights out and expose team weaknesses by constantly moving the ball and playing as a unit.  Take a look at some highlights  as they take on Bishop Montgomery.  Although they didn’t come away with a W, it was a good learning curve and just goes to show that having passion for the game runs deep. matter how high you can jump or how athletic you are.  Coaches from LP are able to incorporate  techniques and schemes into the mix so that players develop a better feel for the game and in turn, may come away with that magical season at the end of the day.

Become Great at what you do.

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