Punch My Ticket: Zafir Williams

Championships are sometimes won based on how much a team can ‘gel’ together throughout the course of a season.  Look for Long Beach Poly to use this to their advantage. It shows that team chemistry is a focal point of what they do.  Image by PopScout.

We like what we see early on from the Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits: their ability to play as a team.  Egos can sometimes get in the way of a basketball championship – players looking to get theirs and not having the teams’ best interest at hand.  When watching the Jackrabbits do their ‘thang’, it seems as though everyone plays as a unit… which is a beautiful sight to see.  During a recent fall league game, the Jackrabbits were able to show very good ball movement and a tough defensive prowess, as everyone appeared to be happy campers (Poly was missing their top PG who was nursing an injury).  The offense looks smooth as a baby’s booty, as Poly looks to regain its composure and make a serious push for Championship runs in 2016-17.

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Every team has a go to guy – or two.  Poly is no different.  Zafir Williams – who has punched his ticket to Loyola Marymount University, is a senior forward for the Jackrabbits who has stepped his game up  -it appears –  by staying in the lab and staying confident in his game – not to mention the Poly coaching staff, who’ve adjusted their strategy to let players excel at what they do.  BTW… Reggie Morris Jr. is doing a heck of a job getting kids to commit under his new umbrella as assistant coach and recruiter at LMU. Zafir will be asked to carry the load many nights for the Jackrabbits and appears ready, willing, and able to handle those duties – looking very good on both ends of the court indeed.

2017 6’5 Forward Zafir Williams  has punched his ticket to LMU and looks to get down and dirty this year for the jackrabbits who will be a tough shell to crack in 2016-17.  ESPN has Zafir slated as a 3 Star – 72 Grade Forward, the #27 player in the State of CA.

Leadership is asked upon by those who are now seniors, but once were freshmen.  Can you step up to the plate and truly lead your team?  It’s not  just about performing on the court, it’s also about leading by example and doing the little things needed to catapult you and your team to greatness.  Throughout the course of a season, many teams come across several adversity issues – losing streaks, ineligible players, team issues, etc.  How Seniors respond to such adversity will rub off on the underclassmen – giving them the knowledge and wherewithal to rise to the occasion when their number is called.  Sometimes leaving a legacy on the court has to do with your performance, but it also has to do with your ability to show high character and team/brotherly love.  It’s not just about Senior Day bro’.

Take a look at Poly at they take on Bishop Montgomery October 22, 2016 at the St. John Bosco Fall league.  We spotlight the Jackrabbits and Zafir Williams.  We love what we see out of the coaching at Poly – who have definitely been in the lab tweaking their schemes and developing a true balance for the upcoming campaign.

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