St. John Bosco Tourney: BM vs LBP

Class of 2017 Forward Zafir Williams has definitely been in the lab this summer, as he looks to put LBP on his back this season.  The kid is in great shape (shedding that baby fat, lol) and has some nice skillsets. Showing the ability to score from all 3 levels of the court , he flourishes in the LB Poly system.  Image by PopScout Scouting Services.

It was tough to get an idea of how Bishop Montgomery will truly look this season as two of their top performers are nursing injuries.  Image by PopScout.

Bishop Montgomery and Long Beach Poly, who were both missing a few pieces, took to the hardwood floor for a preseason match-up at the St. John Bosco tourney, held Saturday, October 22, 2016.  Poly came away with the W and looks to be in full effect this season, as they’ve found that magic touch – imposing their tough man to man defense as well as allowing players to perform  – as they like – on the offensive end of the court.   Although these games hold no bearing on the season at hand, it gives you a sneak peak into the minds of the coaches – as well as player development over the summer – during the AAU travel ball period.

BM SOPH PG Gianni Hunt is finding out that just because you’re a stud on the AAU circuit and picked for top honors at exposure camps, doesn’t necessarily mean this will translate to success on the Southern CA High School BBall Circuit. Remember young folks, if your game is showing promise, then you stay in the lab. Continue to work on your game as if you had none and stay humble. 

PopScout is beginning to see some bad trends developing from the AAU arena, as kids return home to their high school system.  It seems that travel ball is allowing kids to pretty much do as they please, but when they return to school, they’re bringing some bad habits to the table.  Many players will come to the stark conclusion that you just can’t play on the travel ball circuit and hope that your ‘AAU game’ will be enough to get you over the hump, once you return to your school team.


Be careful that you don’t sink your own ship, thinking that just because you’ve paid your fees to play on a top notch travel program and picked up a few tourney championships, that opponents are going to just stop competing and let you do whatever you wanna do.  Many kids see you now with a target on your back and are looking to come out and serve you.  Period.  I’ll say it again…stay humble young soldiers and continue to work on your game, day and night.  Stay in the lab to perfect your craft no matter how many accolades you’ve picked up.  Here today…gone tomorrow.


Great coaching is the nucleus of any winning program.  PopScout loves the interaction between the two at Poly.  Look for them to win close games because of this.  Image taken at the St John Bosco Tourney October 22, 2016.  Image by PopScout.

We got a chance to see some great coaching from Long Beach Poly – who shows the ability to run sets throughout the game and correct player mistakes, when need be.  Many high school  players are asked to conform to the team in terms of position and roles being asked of them.  Poly does an excellent job of keeping  players happy, using offensive sets and schemes, that allow all players to flourish.

Class of 2017 SG Ethan Thompson showed why he has punched his ticket to Oregon State.  The kid can score the rock but we do see some deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball and would like to see him develop his handles a lot more.  Stay in the lab young soldier.

BM, having played a game a few hours earlier, still showed why they will be hard to stop in 2016-17. Missing Singleton and Schakel- Ethan Thompson led his squad and look very good doing so. Look for BM to be in full effect, when it’s all said and done.  They have a solid nucleus and their coach will get the best out of them, as he has shown for so many years.  PopScout – out and about doing what we do…scouting games and soaking up coaching knowledge from two of the top programs in the State of Cali.

Take a look at the game played October 22, 2016 between LB Poly and Bishop Montgomery. Unfortunately the game has no sound…technical difficulties. Southern CA High school basketball  is off the chain….and we haven’t even begun the 2016-17 campaign.

Become great at what you do.

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