HS Football: Developing young talent

LA High’s football program has resurrected itself under the helm of Coach Eric Scott and Co.  In the image above, the team comes together and prepares to take on View Park in the first home contest of the season.  Image by PopScout.

Coach Eric Scott is a staple in the Inner City Community.  He’s coached and played football at Crenshaw High, Centennial High in Compton, and now he leads the Los Angeles Romans, who have one of the best up and coming football programs in the City Section. Haters might be saying…and ?  But remember, or maybe you don’t know, he’s a Graduate of UCLA – after playing receiver for Crenshaw High under long-time legendary Coach Robert Garrett. And as a former UCLA assistant coach – showing the ability and wherewithal to get a college coaching position at his Alma mater – he brings his wealth of knowledge to inner city youths. Not too many coaches (inner city or not) have credentials as such – who not only excel at academia, but who also stay in the hood to teach kids the true fundamentals of the sport.

Coach Dan Robinson has been with E.Scott before and after winning a CIF City Title while they were assistant coaches at Crenshaw High.  I should know – I was the video-man that year and still have all the games archived on mini-dv tapes (no HD video back then you fell me).  Image by PopScout.

Many who have accolades such as E.Scott, would probably be seeking positions at private schools, where they could maximize compensation, which might mean having to separate from your current coaching staff.  LAUSD pays a paltry stipend for the entire season -which equates to less than minimum wage -and many coaches don’t get paid at all, choosing, for several months, to volunteer and help these young men achieve their goals.  E. Scott is different. Wherever he goes…he wins. As well as staying true to his coaching staff – who’ve been with him through thick and thin.

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The slideshow above shows LA High football players before the View Park home game practicing the fundamentals of tackling. Defensive Coordinator Dan Robinson has his defensive unit firing on all cylinders – holding City Section Power Narbonne to 13 points in a recent 13-6 defeat.  Nothing to hold your head down as a coaching unit/team after a performance like that…that’s for sure. What a great showing by a team who’s City Section Division II, while Narbonne is a Division I powerhouse – slated to contest for an Open Division Title.  Images by PopScout Scouting Services.

If I was a player/parent and considering transferring to learn the game of high school football the correct way and maximize my sons potential -as well as not break the bank  from private school tuition costs – I would be looking at LA High and contacting Coach E.Scott (just don’t break any CIF rules in the process..lol).

There used to be an old saying that players make a program.  Well we can now throw that notion – somewhat – out the window.  You do need great players to sustain greatness in your program, but E. Scott and his coaching staff, have exceeded expectations – showing the ability to pull greatness out of players who didn’t even know they were great. Where former LA High coaches just couldn’t get kids to compete at a high level- the current staff have found true diamonds in the rough – allowing players to realize and maximize their potential, to become great on and off the football field.  You see, E.Scott was a 4.0 student at ‘The Shaw’ before moving on and graduating from UCLA.  Those traits and work ethic, on and off the football field, have been passed on to his players/coaches – and they have taken heed indeed.

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The slideshow above shows coaches who have bought into the mentality of their head Coach E.Scott – some of which are former players at ‘The Shaw’.  As a coaching unit, they’re one of the best in the State of California – let alone City Section.  Unfortunately we didn’t take any shots of E.Scott…sorry coach, my bad.

Before the View Park game, we got a chance to chat with coach Rodney Scott, who shows his true character – allowing a former Crenshaw Alum’ to get some tidbits before a game – where other coaches would be reluctant to speak.  Again showing true character as a coach and a long time friend.  Big Rod and I graduated the same year at Crenshaw – 1988.  PopScout loves you guys so much for what you bring to the table – helping inner city youths become as good as possible, while also giving them hope in life by playing the game of football. I know it’s not all about the money but I hope you guys get the big payday that you all truly deserve one day. Continue to become great.  God Bless.

Become Great at what you do.

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