Sitdown with Samba Kane

The Pangos All FROSH SOPH  Camp featured some of the up and coming ballers on the West Coast.  Image by PopScout.

Growing up, imagine the game of basketball without any gyms.  Would you still love the game as much and be willing to work on your skills outside?  Probably so.  Samba Kane is from Senegal, West Africa – where they have no gyms. He’s a 6’10 Center  – Class of 2019 – who plays for Regis High School in Aurora, Colorado. He has found his way to the United States in hopes of becoming great at the game of basketball. At the recent Pangos All FROSH SOPH Camp held September 24-25, 2016 at Cerritos College, you could tell that this young man is going to be special.  It won’t be long before he lands on the radar as a 5 star Prospect and practically every school in the country trying to land this stud. He is a bit slender and rough around the edges but without a doubt, his upside is tremendous. With three more years left, look for this young man to become one of the dominating bigs in High School basketball – and beyond.

PopScout had a chance to sit down with Samba and talk about his game. Very humble young man who shows  lots of character.  Once again, we’ve heard the knock on Dinos and Etop –  but we love what they bring to the table.  A chance for elite top players to come together, play a few games, then go back to the lab –  knowing what you need to work on. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Become great at what you do.

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