Sitdown with Jamal Adams

The Loyola of Los Angeles boys basketball team will look to regain its swag and capture a Mission League title in 2016-17.   Image by PopScout.

The start of the 2016-17 high school basketball season is steadily approaching. Look for early tournaments in September, to give us an idea about the make up of teams, and which players will be called upon to put their squad on its back.  In terms of competition from top to bottom, the Mission League has been one of the toughest by far.  Look for Alemany, Crespi, Harvard Westlake and others, to be right back in the mix for their quest to capture the division title and bragging rights in the San Fernando Valley. Loyola – who at one point was spitting out D1 recruits left and right – has tapered off a bit, but looks to regain momentum, as it relies on several key senior pieces to provide an immediate impact.

Chemistry will come into question, as many teams rely on summer ball to develop the cohesion needed to win games.  Image by PopScout.

Each year new players – who were once role players – will be asked to step up and become the man.  Next man up, bro.  It will be interesting to see how players develop from their freshman season, to their senior campaign.  We should see some improvement in terms of court play, as well as coaches making sure previous mistakes have been addressed.    Developing your game and becoming a well rounded player, is a goal every basketball player  wants to attain.  Not addressing your mistakes – as a player and a program –  is a recipe for disaster.

Head Coach Jamal Adams sat with us during the 2016 Nike 30th Annual Fairfax Summer tourney to discuss Loyola Basketball.  Loyola will try to regain its composure, as it looks to be one of the talked about teams in 2016-17 Mission League play.

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