Grassroots 101: Developing young talent

Coach Black has been a staple in the community – teaching young kids, at an early age, the correct way to approach the game of basketball.  Image by PopScout

Ever wonder how young phenom high school basketball players develop? 5 Star studs who will eventually lead their universities to the Final Four –  and hopes of that mythical National Championship. It’s great to see kids fully developed, showing skillsets that will catapult them to stardom.  But how did it start? Who’s showing them the tricks of the trade?  Bro, it has a lot to do with player development at an early age.

Look no further than Rancho Cienega Park in Los Angeles, CA.  The youth basketball league has been running for quite some time and has produced numerous standouts over the years.  The location hasn’t changed, but seen some major upgrades to its surrounding facilities. Coaches are volunteers for the most part and fortunately for the community, many of them have the knowledge and passion for the game, showing the willingness to spend countless hours in the gym, helping kids succeed –  on and off the court.

No one mentions the grind coaches go through, as Coach Deon Coleman, prepares his young players for the next level.  Coaches in the inner city spend hours of their time – volunteering – to help kids become great.  Image by PopScout.

Talk about the grind that players go through…what about our coaches?  Many have families of their own but are willing to spend volunteer hours in the gym, traveling to games, practicing, and mentoring these young soldiers, who will eventually become the face of a collegiate program.  Keeping these young kids off the streets when the only options –  sometimes in the hood – is to gang-bang or play ball.  It’s important that we don’t forget the contribution that these coaches make, for the community that they serve.  Let’s begin to reward those who go the extra mile – especially when it comes to dealing with young kids in the inner city.  PopScout sends a shout out and would like to personally thank you for your hard work and efforts.  You go boy.

If you’re looking for the next big thing, you just might find it at Rancho Cienega Park’s competitive basketball league.  Image by PopScout.

If you’re looking  for a competitive league to prepare your son/daughter for the rigors of high school hoops, be sure to give Coach Deon Coleman a call – who, by the way, is one of the lead coaches for Cal Supreme’s AAU Basketball Club.  The proof is in the pudding, as he’s developed countless young athletes into studs on the court, preparing them for high school hoops.  Take a look at a Championship game from 2013 as Jordan Schakel of Bishop Montgomery, takes advantage of Coach Coleman’s tutelage at an early age.  You might see some more (young) familiar faces as well.  Jordan (ESPN Grade 81), who has signed with San Diego State, has nicely developed his game over the years.  Keep doing what you do coaches – laying the foundation and developing these young kids into superior athletes on, and off,  the court.

Become Great at what you do.

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