Sit Down with Johnathan Staggers

2017 Combo Guard Johnathan Staggers has been playing varsity for the Dorsey Dons since his freshman year.  Although his dad starred for crosstown rival Crenshaw, rest assured this young man is in good hands.  Image by PopScout.

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.  In the case of 2017 recruit Johnathan Staggers, living up to the hype of his dad – former Crenshaw Superstar and King of Venice Beach legend John Staggers (Class of 1988) – is a lofty aspiration.  As a freshman, he decided to take his skillsets to Dorsey and not the Shaw.  Good Lord!  Being a former Crenshaw player myself –  and holding so much animosity towards Dorsey for so many years – primarily because of our cross town rivalries –  I was a bit concerned about his decision to play for our biggest foe.  Rest assured, this young man is, and has been, in great hands.

Long time Dorsey Head Coach Kevin Gibson gives direction to his players during the 2016 Dorsey Fall league.  Image by PopScout.

The Dorsey love extends far beyond cross town rivals, showing the true character of  Dorsey High Athletics and their development of student athletes.  Love is the word I come up with when describing the family unity that’s found at Dorsey.  Sorry Cougars.  We family y’all,  but having the Dorsey extended family is a beautiful thang.  As many of us were pushed away from Crenshaw when we tried to return to give support,  Dorsey –  and long time head coach Kevin Gibson along with many of his former players – have welcomed former Crenshaw Alum’s with open arms.  Good lookin’ fellas,  we appreciate you.

Take a look as we sit down with Johnathan Staggers –  son of former Crenshaw star John Staggers – who sheds some light on his game.  Become great young man.  Thanks Dorsey, Coach Gibs,  and former players for your warm welcome  and proving that – at the end of the day –  love and togetherness… runs deeper than school rivalries.  God Bless.

Become great at what you do.

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