Expectations: Ron Artest III

Class of 2017 SF Ron Artest III will look to lead Beverly Hills –  and live up to steep expectations – as the son of a former NBA player.  Image by PopScout.

Expectations for kids whose Pops balled in the league can be a high mountain to climb. Ron Artest III is the son of Metta World Peace. He’s a senior at Beverly Hills High School.  He stands 6’7 and has all of the athleticism you would like to see in a Small Forward.  Nice body.  Good motor. His scoring and becoming a polished basketball player is still a work in progress, but we like the fact that he plays well on the defensive end of the ball. ESPN has him slated as a – some would say –  disappointing 2-Star, 60 grade prospect.

Word on the street is that some kids just aren’t hungry enough. What’s missing might be the passion.  You see, having everything handed to you is sometimes a recipe for disaster.   You may be spoiled by the fame and fortune of your former NBA parent.  Not to say that “RA3” isn’t playing up to his capabilities, but after watching him last week at the Dorsey High School Fall league, we just don’t see the “polished” athlete we would like to see – especially from the son of an NBA player, who showed so much passion in that of Metta Word Peace.

Many players seeking to gauge their skill level take part in the Drew league.  Bring your A game.

We were curious to see which club this young man ran with this summer on the AAU circuit.  Surprisingly enough, he spoke about his decision to forego the AAU circuit and play exclusively against players in the Drew league.  Do we see a trend developing?  Kids deciding to forego the wear and tear of the AAU summer circuit and go straight to the Drew League – where true ballers dwell. Grown folks you feel me. Only time will tell, if we have another trend in the making, but we hope that this young man continues to work on his skillsets and round out his game.

We sat down with Ron Artest III who shared with us some insights on his preparation for the upcoming 2016-17 campaign.

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