FAB48: 16u SCSA develops a bond

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Liked what we saw out of the 16u SCSA squad in Las Vegas during the 2016 FAB48 Tourney.  The club had a very good run and, at the end of the day, really showed some good team chemistry, reeling in a few close wins against quality opponents.  It’s now time to take those wins and loses and apply them to your mental makeup –  towards your high school team.  Remember, student athletes and coaches for that matter,  you were not just out there running up and down the court during AAU summer session.  Focus in on the things that you picked up that can make you a better player/coach, then begin to apply them in your day to day thoughts.   Every instance out there on the court develops your “DNA”.   Continue to develop your killer instinct – as a player and a coach. Go to bed thinking about ways you can improve your game.

2018 Brentwood PG Charley Wadler develops his killer instinct – and form –  during the 2016 FAB48 Tourney.  Image by PopScout

The SCSA 16u AAU club was coached by  Cornelius Holden -who played for the 1988 Crenshaw Cougars under legendary Coach Willie West and 4 years at the U.of Louisville under Hall of Fame Coach Denny Crum – nice pedigree dude.  Looking forward to seeing the team do its thang next year with Coach Corn at the helm – and a year of FAB48 experience under his belt.  Quiet as kept, PopScout constantly looks at coaching strategies and whether or not coaches are pulling all the strings when it comes to the logistics of their squad and a coaches ability to modify their game plan, if need be.  Who be pullin’ those rabbits out them hats?  Dude…no matter what tourney you got your run on this year – FAB48, BigFootHoops, Adidas, etc…bro, it appears you didn’t go wrong.  The competition was balanced across the board and kids had to bring their A game or risk being sent to detention.

Class of 2018  Charley Wadler runs the PG for a very young Brentwood team.  He has a good shot and continues to stay in the lab – rounding out his game.  Not only does SCSA perform at a high level on the court, they also excel in the classroom –   SCSA standing for Southern California Student Athletes. That’s what’s up.  It’s nice to see kids balancing the game they love with the academics to match.

Perfect one aspect of your game, then  move on to another. BTW…How are you developing your mental toughness in addition to your shooting stroke, ball handling, defensive prowess, etc.  It’s going to come down to who has the whole package at the end of the day.  Take all the minutes you’ve logged,  develop a mean streak, and go to work.

Become great at what you do.

Author: PopScout

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