Under the Hood: Developing young players

Are your players focusing on the correct objectives of the game to become as good as they can be?  Image by PopScout.

We’re gym rats at PopScout.  Looking for talent is what we do.  A true scout gets out and finds those diamonds in the rough. Thankfully,  programs that are exceeding expectations, allow us to have fun at what we do.  The Brand New Bombers is a youth basketball club that looks to be on the right track.   Since the big boys of high school have shut it down (you guys better be in the gym working on your game), PopScout needs some basketball.  We can’t live without our fix.  ARC allows us to juice up all year long.

At the end of the day, how can kids be assured that the philosophy of a program will result in great basketball play?  Image by PopScout

As we look at the Men’s USA team play in the Olympics and the shape of AAU basketball, there seems to be a crisis brewing  Should we continue to go the route we’re headed and run the risk of everybody in the league playing like “Skip to my Lou” ?  It’s not that bad, yet, but we here at PopScout will begin to keep an eye out on the development of young athletes in Southern California, and the programs that are leading the way.

Take a look at two soldier boys from The Brand New Bombers as they display skillsets high school players would like to have.  Continue pushing the envelope Brand New Bombers…your game shows that you truly understand the game of basketball, at such a young stage in your life. Give us a call clubs so that you can begin to incorporate film sessions into your standard operating procedures.

Become great at what you do.

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