ARC Hoops: Rising Stars

Players take advantage of ARC’s competitive league year round.  Great way to gauge your clubs’ development.  Image by PopScout

ARCHoops is the oldest running youth basketball league in Southern California.  It’s run by Rich Goldberg who has exceeded expectations and has continued to set the bar when it comes to developing young athletes.

The Tigers are in first place of their perspective division in the ARC league.  Image taken at St Genevieve High School during league play.

Take a look at a young soldier who plays for the Tigers in the ACC I – 14u/8th division. The kid is still wet behind the ears but his upside looks good.  Would like for him to start working on footwork drills to develop more quickness out there on the court.  ARC allows players to work out the kinks in their game before they hit the bigtime – which is high school basketball.  Continue to work on your game coaches, players, and parents.  PopScout is watching.


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