Under the Hood: Developing your Mindset

Class of 2018 6’2 Combo Guard Bryce Hamilton is a nice looking prospect. Seems to have that mindset and killer instinct to make an impact on games.  Image by PopScout.

Kids are beginning to get some looks from top notch programs.  Sweet.  All your hard work and passion for the game is paying off – along with those God given attributes of course.  Don’t get lazy on us bro’.  Now is also the time to act like no one is recruiting you and begin to work on your game even harder.  Look at film and develop a professional approach to the game of basketball.  Class of 2018 Combo Guard Bryce Hamilton out of Pasadena High School is one of those players whose beginning to garner some looks from big time recruiters.

Players have to develop a killer instinct in order to make an impact on the game.  Mentally you have to develop as much as physically. What are some mental drills you use to get better?  Coaches?  Image taken at the 2016 Maranatha Summer Block Party.

The Class of 2018 Combo Guard has a very nice feel for the game, scoring on all three levels of the court.  Handles the rock  well and has that craftiness you like to see from a left handed player.    Can get by his defender on the perimeter with his dribble, while attacking well and finishing at the bucket.  Makes overall good decisions when he gets into the lane as well. Likes his defensive effort for the game and his ability to match up against opponents with his length and athleticism. Has that killer instinct programs are looking for today from a skilled guard.

PopScout looks for that confidence in a players eyes and demeanor on the court. Swag you youngsters call it.  When the going gets tough it’s time for you to buckle down and get it done. Period.  Image taken at Pasadena high school vs Burroughs high school during a 2015-16 league game.  Image by PopScout.

We do want to see a bit more confidence from this young soldier out there on the court.  Handle the rock a bit more in pressure situations to release some “stress”on your squad.  Develop a more point guard “mindset” approach to the game, which will make you a better player at the end of the day, and prep you for what’s to come in your playing days ahead.  He’s slated for a point for sure at the next level, and has that “lefty swag” similar to Mike Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies, who just signed his lucrative NBA deal.  We want to make sure Bryce develops his game for the next two years to become solid as a rock.


It will be interesting to see how coaches develop their star players and get them ready for the next level.  Allowing them to play at their true college playing position is something to consider for many coaches these days… and in the past.  Image by PopScout.

It’s always been an issue whether or not a coach is allowing his players to play at their “true position” versus the position best suited for team success. Kids these days seem to transfer if they’re not getting the minutes they want, at a particular position.  Coaches may also be reluctant to push the issue due to the fact that the kid may transfer, so they, in turn, allow kids to play at their “asked for” position. We often see big men  playing the 3 position because it will suit them at the next level but at the current time, the team suffers because they have no big men down low. Some kids are unwilling to put in the time and effort to develop their game into a stretch 3/4. While others have to look out for the best interests of themselves and the longevity of their careers and chances of landing that college scholarship. It’s a slippery slope indeed.

Crespi All American De’Anthony Melton (2016)  will benefit from lessons learned his senior year from running the point guard position.  Image by PopScout

We loved the development of Crespi 6’4 Guard De’Anthony Melton  last season.  Melton played out of his comfort zone – so to speak – at the PG position, all season long, This allowed him to truly learn from his mistakes and get all that playing experience on a big time stage. PopScout watched his game truly become great because of this – as we scouted over 10 of Crespi’s games last season. A testament to Coach Russell White and his coaching staff for their understanding of how to prepare players for the next level.  Melton was a jack of all trades for a Crespi team that won back to back State Championships.  Yes sir.

Take a look at the first half of the Pasadena vs Chino Hills game from the 2016 Maranatha Summer Block Party Tourney hosted by the Maranatha Minutemen and Coach Tucker.  We wanted to see the entire game and not just highlights to get an idea of how these players are truly performing on the big stage.  There’s no higher barometer  these days to gauge your level of play in sunny southern California then to go up against Chino Hills that’s for sure.

Become great at what you do.


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