Under the hood: Coaching Talent

Coaches nowadays can only go so far before their star athlete decides to jump ship.   Image by PopScout

It’s becoming the norm.  Your star player decides to jump ship for greener pastures.  No matter what a program provides for a kid – shoes/gear, playing time, quality education, coaching change, you name it. It appears to be not enough.  High school athletes are leaving town at the blink of an eye.  What’s the buzz young soldiers? Are things so bad that you’re willing to transfer and run the risk of losing valuable playing time – not to mention the uncertainty of playing for another coach and coping with a new school environment/culture?  For many high school athletes – regardless of sport – the answer is yes.

Class of 2019 6’4 SOPH. to be Braelee Albert should be a major contributor for the Brentwood Eagles.  Will he decide to take his talents elsewhere>  Only time will tell.

It appears that most high profile student athletes are looking for that immediate gratification, unwilling to be patient and work hard to reap playing time, but more than willing to roll the dice and try their luck at a new system.   Some kids have ended up on two or even three campuses upon graduation. A lot of  locker combinations to keep track of you feel me.  It used to be that generations of families would attend the same elementary, middle and high school.  For most, that’s all said and done.  Many kids are taking the advice of their peers or their own gut feeling and testing the waters –  regardless of how far mom and dad have to travel to and from school, practices, games, etc.  It can take its toll on the whole family at the end of the day – not to mention that damn LA traffic.  What happens then if the kid is not happy at the new school and not receiving the playing time he/she was promised?  Good Lord! That’s where it becomes interesting.

Word on the street has Cassius Stanley staying put at Harvard Westlake for the upcoming 2016-17 campaign.  HW coaches can breathe a sigh of relief…for now.  Image by PopScout

What ever the case may be…transfers are up and team chemistry is becoming a major factor for success.  What used to be a nice farm system where you could develop and grow your talent from JV up to Varsity, has now become a one stop shop.  Coaches needing to show immediate gratification and the ability to mold and gel a team, on the spot, so that all players are happy. But at the same time, making sure that team success is always at the forefront. All that on an LAUSD stipend.


Here’s the last minute or so of Brentwood as they upset Fairfax in their own back yard, during the 2016 Nike Fairfax Summer Tourney. Albert shows something special with the put-back for Brentwood.  We give you footage from a coaches perspective as well as under the hood coverage of inside the huddles. Draw something up coaches!

Become great at what you do.

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