Outside the Lines: FRO13

Former UNLV player Dayna Gambill helps out with the development of players in any capacity she can. Image by PopScout.

Sometimes it’s not all about wins and loses but how you play the game.  Developing young kids into good basketball players aint no joke.  Having youngsters under your umbrella and helping them grow into responsible young adults – as well as confident players on the court –  has to be considered a major focal point of your program today.  Focusing just on the X’s and O’s will limit your chances of truly seeing your players grow and your program develop, into one of the great ones, over time. Dude…we like what we see in the Inland Empire.  Family values and a willingness to go the extra mile for the community.  Remember it takes a village to raise a kid.  We spoke with a few members of the FRO13 family who gave some thoughts on their program’s philosophy.


Another feather in the cap of FRO13 is TriFytt Sports Academy, which just held its grand opening a few weeks ago. TriFytt Sports Academy is a basketball training facility that uses state of the art technology used by professionals, a facility complete with shooting machines, 2 full courts, class area, and more. It’s located in Rancho Cucamonga and is truly a blessing to the community and offers a chance for IE players to gain an edge over the competition in Southern California.  Kids can take advantage of the courts as well as the shooting machines year round to keep their game in top notch form.  PopScout was on hand to film the grand opening of TriFytt Sports Academy.

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Author: PopScout

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