Mental Makeup: Jaron Martin

For some of us, there comes a time in your career when you know you can play the game of basketball.  You’ve put in enough hours in the gym, beat enough quality opponents head to head, and now the game has blessed you by allowing you to perform at a very high level. Now it becomes a matter of wins and loses.  Trying to become the best at what you do, which ultimately means winning championships. When you reach that point in time – unfortunately many of us who play the game of basketball never do –  then you have overcome the mental and physical hurdles associated with the magic of the game.

Remember that the game is sooo much mental – your ability to show up during big-time contests and out-duel your opponent, which may be in front of thousands of fans cheering and booing,  can be intimidating.  Your body locks up…you become dry mouth…eyes wide open…well, you get the hint.  It’s tough bro’ to maintain that level of confidence when so much is at stake. How does one develop the mental fortitude to allow their brain and body to perform so high?

Anyway…Jaron Martin is entering his senior season at UC Irvine.  The kid was a walk on from Chaminade High in West Hills,CA and has earned a scholarship as well as a spot in the rotation.  We look for him to add some magic to UC Irvine this year but no matter what happens, PopScout is proud of you.  He definitely has exceeded expectations and is a true testament that hard work pays off – along with having strong family support, great coaches and mentors, and a great heart.  We created this video resume for Jaron Martin during his senior year (2013) and look forward to creating one for you.  Take a look at how we break down a few plays.  Wet ball ‘)

Become great at what you do.

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