The Wear and Tear of AAU

Class of 2017 combo guard Johnathan Staggers (Dorsey High) shows signs of a tough AAU run, in which kids can get physically and mentally burned – unable to heal those nagging injuries.  Image taken at the 2016 Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Classic.

Boy, its been a quick two months of AAU basketball, but don’t tell the kiddies that.  Some players have gone through a lot in this short span. Many clubs, such as Cal Supreme(CA), were undermanned this year at the 2016 BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic, primarily because many of their athletes decided to shut it done early, and not play.  It was a good decision in PopScouts’ eyes, as these tournaments bundled together,  which include playing several games a day, traveling, media, etc., really takes its toll on your body and mind.  You become physically and mentally drained, dog.  If you have nagging injuries, you just don’t have the time to rest and let them heal.  But on another note, many players have to play because they must get recognized, being they are not a 4-5 star recruit, who have the luxury of shutting it down. It also gave a few players a chance to fill in the blanks, so to speak,  and shine – getting the opportunity to prove themselves on the big stage.  It’s a slippery slope indeed.

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EP Team Louisiana  features class of 2018, 5Star recruit Javonte Smart, who loves to pull the bow and arrow . This kid has something special and should garner big time recognition come senior season.

Take a look at 10 minutes of EP Team Lousiana as they take on a  Cal Supreme Squad, missing several key components, during the recent 2016 BigFootHoops Las Vegas Classic Tourney.  The footage is clean as a whistle, as we use a camera extension pole to capture the action.  The venue was on point, as usual, and all you had to do was bring your A game.  EP Elite – out of the state of Louisiana –  features #11 Class of 2018 5 star PG Javonte Smart, who loves to pull the bow and arrow.  Be special young men.

Become great at what you do.

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