AAU Game of the Week: LA Rockfish vs Belmont Shore

Full Court Press  Cream of the Crop Tip-Off @ MAP

LA Rockfish vs Belmont Shore.  These two teams battle it out at the MAP in Garden Grove, CA.  The game was played July 16, 2016.  A lot of familiar faces and some great match ups, to say the least. Looking forward to seeing who will represent Southern Cali in Las Vegas –  and bring home the crown ya dig.  It’s very difficult to win a tournament no matter how much talent you have on your team.  So we will see if squads can truly develop their team chemistry in time for it to “click” and for everyone to “gel” and become a unit.  Togetherness family.

PopScout uses a camera extension (21′) pole to get great shots from low angle arenas/gyms. Give us a call and book your upcoming game(s) for Vegas (Big Foot, Fab 48, Adidas). Just FYI, many college programs are frowning upon mixtapes and prefer full game tapes, so that they can truly evaluate your son/daughter throughout the course of a game.  Make sure you get great quality games by booking PopScout for your next tournament / shootout / event. We provide your club with DVD copies as well as an electronic file so you can create your mixtapes and/or just have the ability to cherish the moments forever.

Don’t leave the game with just your wrist band and parking stub.  Skip the pizza, hot dogs, etc. from the snack bar.  Get the game, go home and watch it over and over again, and then practice what you need to work on. Time is of the essence.

Become great at what you do.

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