Mater Dei looks strong

Mater Dei looked very impressive in its win over Chino Hills during the 30th Annual Nike Fairfax Summer Basketball Classic held at Fairfax High June 30, 2016. Mater Dei Jr PG Spencer Freedman was on point (no pun) and his supporting cast is top notch and showed their true colors. The game was played above the rim for the most part, as Mater Dei tried to break the heart of Chino Hills’ defense by attacking their bigs and going straight at them.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as Gelo is still nursing a sore ankle and didn’t play.  Mater Dei will take the win nonetheless and cement itself as one of the favorites to win it all during the 2016-17 campaign.  Gary McKnight, head coach of Mater Dei, has reloaded once again and appears to have the pieces for a nice fitting puzzle.

Take a look at Chino Hills vs Mater Dei during the Nike Fairfax Summer Basketball Classic.  PopScout is on hand providing action shots, interviews/team recaps, and another big mouth in the stands. 😉

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