Fairfax takes care of business

Brentwood shows up and shows out – taking out Fairfax in the 1st round of the 30th Annual Nike Fairfax Summer Basketball Classic.  Image by PopScout.

It’s a stark reminder and why we play the game boys and girls.  You have to show up on game day or else run the risk of being humbled by a loss.  This is what happened to Fairfax as Brentwood was on fire – knocking down three pointers with the precision of Steph and Klay – handing Fairfax a first round defeat in their own backyard.  Temperatures in the gym can get pretty hot.  Brentwood seemed to use this as fuel for fire – having known that Fairfax beat Chino Hills just a few days prior in the Maranatha Championship game.  Fairfax has a target on its back and very well deserved.  They have two of the best point guards in the City and a very good coaching staff.

Take a look at Fairfax against Maranatha as they play for the Consolation quarterfinals.  Fairfax has been able to bounce back and gain its composure since a first round defeat to Brentwood.  Stay humble and in the gym gentlemen.


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