What’s the VXT in Big Ballers?

Class of 2019 LaMelo Ball (who has committed to UCLA) will keep the AAU Big Ballers VXT club on the map for years to come.  Image by PopScout.

The Big Ballers VXT AAU club has enjoyed much success over the past few years.  It has established itself as one of the top AAU clubs on the So. Cali Circuit.  There’s a question that many of us want answered.  What the hell does VXT stand for??  The VXT stands for Virtual Xtreme Technique and it was develop by basketball Guru Provat Gupta.  Pro, as his friends call him, is the son of former Good Times Star Ja’net Dubois who played Willona Woods.  Pro is a basketball street legend from NY who brought his skills sets and talents to Los Angeles, CA.  The VXT technique allows players to learn to score from all areas of the court.   His VXT workout will provide young athletes the tools needed to score like 9th grade LaMelo Ball did for Chino Hills. Coaches, players, team directors, and parents…take a look at Pro’s website and be sure get your VXT kit today and start maximizing your potential.

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