PopScout upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Hype Hoops King of Spring Shoot Out May 21-23, 2016
Hype Hoops Summer Shootout June 12, 2016
JAG/ARC Tourney June 18-19, 2016
Westchester Summer Tourney 2016 (Pending confirmation)
Fairfax Summer Tournament 2016 June 27-July 2, 2016
Maranatha Summer Block Party 2016
Fairfax Annual Fall Tournament 2016-17

Popscout has been busy developing our brand to bring our services to the basketball community that offers an “outside the box” approach.  We provide on the spot printing of action shots, DVD’s ready immediately after the game, Graphic Design skillsets for clubs to help develop your brand, and video editing tools to take your mixtapes and promos to the next level.  PopScout. Your one stop shop for all your multimedia needs.

We look forward to working with coaches, clubs, and tournament directors.  Provide your guests with much more than just the game.  Give them memories that will take their minds off of admission costs and parking fees –  and will literally last for a lifetime.  We can offer you an affordable package where all tournament players leave the game with a printed action shot.  Now wouldn’t that put you ahead of the game?

Services we provide
Action Shots on the spot
DVD’s on the spot
Picture Day
Picture Packages
Game Day Picture DVD or flashdirve
Video Editing/Mixtapes/Motion Graphics
Graphic Design / Logo Design
Tournament Websites and updates
Live Broadcasts

PopScout Fundraising
Raffle off Images provided by PopScout.
Clubs get free mixtapes for YouTube promotion/ social media.
Clubs get game DVD’s to sell to parents at discounted price.
Clubs get free pristine, action shots to upload and use on social media.
Clubs get percentage of sales on picture packages and picture day.
*Clubs/ Tournament directors  are provided with a percentage of sales.

Drop us an email. We look forward to considering any collaboration opportunities that may arise.

Become great at what you do.


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