Considering the Juco route?



Juco basketball doesn’t get too many looks from players who consider themselves DI recruits. Now that the season is over – literally over for seniors who didn’t make the cut and land a scholarship –  players may want to consider the JC route.  For many high school athletes, DI aspirations have slipped away and now it’s time for you to decide if you really want to pursue your dream of playing in the NBA or will you get a job and slip into main stream society – forever wondering if you were good enough to compete at the next level. Ball players nowadays mistake JC as a place where non ballers dwell.  A place where true ballers never end up, if he/she has aspirations of making it to the league.  That’s just not the case.  Many of you have received letters throughout the season from JC schools and tossed time in the trash.  It may be time to dig them up and return them.  Enroll.  Take summer classes and begin to work hard and follow your passion.  Put in two solid years, transfer out, and make some noise.

Take a look at two standouts from Bakersfield College who were studs this year.  Jameik Riviere is a SO. PG from New York who has a solid game and as flashy as a Sunday Suit.  The kid is a top notch point guard who may be lacking interest from schools because of his size – he stands 5’9. If you never got a chance to see him handle the rock this year you missed out on a treat. Deandre Kwame Dickson is a 6’9 200lb post player who showed some real skillsets this year on the block turning and facing, as well as an overall solid game on the defensive end of the court.  He’s a bit slender and not a stretch 4 – doesn’t shoot a lot of threes –  but shows a solid mid range game and good passer who recognizes the defense.  Deandre does some very nice things on the court and should garner a few suitors from  DI schools.   It will be interesting to see where these two end up and how far they will pursue their passion of playing professional basketball.

Become great at what you do.

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