Throwback Tuesdays: Jalen Brunson


Villanova Freshman PG Jalen Brunson is on the verge of completing a magical season for the Wildcats. Villanova (33-5) plays Oklahoma (29-7) Saturday, April 2, 2016  for a Final Four showdown – to see who’ll advance and play for the National Championship against the winner of North Carolina (32-6) vs. Syracuse (23-13).  Jalen is what you would call a prototype point guard. The 6’2 195 lb. floor general is a true extension of his head coach.  As a player, you love playing with guys like him. He’s so unselfish, plays at a high level, and has that knack of making you look better – and we not talkin’ about Mabeline folks.  The kid has a basketball IQ that of a plastic surgeon – looking to slice and dice whenever he gets a chance. He played for Mac Irvin during this 2013 AAU season and boy did he put in work.   Take a look at a few clips as we spotlight Jalen alongside  Jahlil Okafor.  You may also recognize a few other ballers such as Marcus Lovett Jr. – who ran point alongside Brunson and PF Cliff Alexander – who was a one and done at Kansas and is now fighting an uphill battle to get consistent playing time on an NBA roster.   You take the high road and I’ll take the low road.

Good luck to all four teams who’ve made it to the Final Four.

Become great at what you do.

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