Crespi advances by beating Dorsey

Crespi will look to its winning streak alive when they face Inglewood Saturday March 12, 2016.  Image by PopScout.

It’s always interesting when teams from the public and private sector square off. Crespi advances by beating Dorsey by the score of 72-59. The Celts now face Inglewood in a 2nd round match-up for the DI CIF State Basketball Championships. Dorsey played them well – for the first two quarters –  but Crespi was able to exert their muscle,  primarily with Melton being so multi dimensional on the court.  He can do it all and puts the team on his back from time to time.  The Celts are very well coached, patient, and shoot the ball well as a team.  It will be fun to see how they match up – again – against an Inglewood squad which they defeated by only 1 point, 69-68 on February 26, 2016.


Here are a few clips from the Dorsey vs Crespi CIF DI State Regional Championship first round game. De’Anthony Melton and Brandon Williams are playing at a very high level.

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