Crenshaw Takes Div.1 Title


The Crenshaw Cougars -along with Maxine Waters – celebrate their CIF City Section DI basketball victory after defeating Hamilton High by a score of 61-52.  Image by PopScout


It was a very good day for the Crenshaw Cougars basketball team Saturday, March 5, 2016 at Cal State Dominguez Hills. The Cougars defeated Hamilton to win their first Boy’s Basketball Championship of any kind after the Legendary Coach Willie West’s retirement.  Although some may say it’s just the Division I title and not the Open Division, for the group of young men who battled all year long, they will take it.  The Cougars will host Hart High school in the first round of the 2016 CIF Division III State boys basketball championships, Wednesday March 9, 2016 at the Willie West Pavilion – the home that Coach West built. The Cougars played a very balanced game – playing very good defense and showing the ability to score on the offensive side of the ball.  Didn’t really see them run a lot of sets, which is an issue to PopScout.  We are concerned about the coaching in the inner city, as well as how much emphasis is being put on truly preparing kids for the next level – as well as life in general.

Senior guard #1 Shane Seymore clamps down on a Hamilton player during the CIF City Section DI Boys Basketball Championship.  Image by PopScout.

The guards for the Shaw can go and will be the barometer on how many games the Cougars will win during the DIII State Playoffs.  It’ll be interesting to see how much the Senior Class can contribute and keep the spirit – and winning – alive.  How about calling Coach West and get some feedback from him?  He’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience he can provide to the coaching staff, players, and fans  – on what it takes to reach and stay at the top.  Let’s hope that line of communication is still open and Crenshaw can rely on one of the greatest high school basketball coaches for tips and tricks.  No other school dominated the way Coach West and the Crenshaw Cougars did during the 70’s 80′ and early 90’s.


Look for the Cougar Spirit to be in full effect when they  host Hart High Wednesday, March 9, 2016.  The two teams go head to head in a first round match-up for the CIF State DIII Boys Basketball Championship.  Image by PopScout.

School spirit is something that Crenshaw prides itself on. The Cougars have a very good cheer squad and a great band to help them out in the event they need motivation.   It was nice to see the Cougar Family at the game doing what they do – rooting for their kids and providing a great atmosphere for high school athletics.  It’s up to the Cougars to take the momentum and run with it come Wednesday night.

Coach Waters was able to win his first Championship since taking over as Coach – replacing the legendary Willie West Sr.  Image by PopScout

Coach Waters and the Cougars will need to develop a plan to stop Hart and their 6’9 big man Cameron Fuller.  Cameron has committed to the Army and has very good skills for a slender big.   Cameron finishes around the basket good and helps out by blocking shots and grabbing boards.  It will be a tough task indeed for the Cougars.

Take a look at a few clips from the Cougars DI Basketball victory as they hold on to defeat Hamilton High.  Congrats players, parents, faculty, staff, Coach Waters and the rest of the Cougar coaching staff.  Let’s put Crenshaw basketball back on the map.

Become great at what you do.


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