Sierra Canyon to face Bishop Montgomery


A few clips of Cody Riley from their victory against Redondo Union.

Cody Riley (centered) will look to showcase his true game during this years Final Four. Next season Sierra Canyon will be a beast.  Image by PopScout

Sierra Canyon was able to hold on to the victory against Redondo Union Tuesday night by a score of 74-70, advancing to the semifinal game against the #2 Team in the State,  Bishop Montgomery.    It was a bit of a nail biter indeed and it also may have exposed some weaknesses in Sierra Canyon’s squad.


Cody does everything right on the floor and plays at a very high level. Handles the ball very well, excellent passer, nice mid range game, and he blocks shots. He’s also unselfish and looks for his teammates all the time.  Image by PopScout

The team appears to be focusing too much on who’s the man and not on team concepts and togetherness.  Guards tend to press the issue at times, which is understandable and puts a lot of pressure on the defense, I just wish we could see more stuff ran through Cody.  Without Cody anchoring the middle and being the dominant force he is, SC becomes just another “one of the good teams” out there.  Cody makes them special and a threat to knock off Bishop Montgomery and advance to the Championship game, which appears to be Chino Hills.  Chino Hills will have to knock off Mater Dei who has been layin’ in the cut.  Quietly waiting to prove why they still hold the crown on the WC High School circuit.


PopScout:  Sierra Canyon by 3

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