Dapper Dandys Las Vegas Classic 2015

There were definitely some players who stood out at this years 2015 Big Foot Hoops Las Vegas Classic Tourney.  Take a look at a few PopScout had a chance to see.  We wouldn’t be surprised if all these players ended up sporting the Jerry West NBA logo on their jerseys one day – in the very near future.

Miles Bridges – Class of 2016
Miles Bridges is by far a one and done and the best player at this years 2015 Las Vegas Classic. We watched 4 games of this kid put in work and never once did he complain or have a bad game except the Championship game when they met up with a very physical and tall Georgia Stars squad – and even then he held his own against three 7 footers from the Georgia All Stars.  Miles again and again stepped his game up to the level of Super Elite Baller and staked his claim as THE Top recruit in the class of 2016.

De’Aaron Fox Class of 2016 – Photo by PopScout
De’Aaron Fox is probably the best point guard in the class of 2016.  The kid is wiry, athletic, and has a knack for getting to the bucket.  As I started to watch the game and take some pics, I didn’t even know who the best players were but immediately you could tell he was special.  Very gritty and smart and makes good decisions with the rock. After a short stint at the collegiate level, should be a top lottery pick.

Charles Obannon Jr. – Class of 2017
Look out next year EYBL because the Las Vegas Prospects are loaded.  One player who stood out among the elite was Charles Obannon Jr, class of 2017.  He held his own against Miles Bridges in a classic match up of trash talking and backing it up. The two went at it for several minutes and after the game, gave each other their props.  Very sportsmanship indeed.  Obannon Jr. has a nice all around game and can pretty much do it all. He handles the rock good for his 6’7 size, has a slender and sleek frame but gets to the rack, shows a good 3 pt. shooting range stroke, and scores from the mid range as well.  Needs to put on a few lbs., but at the end of the day, look for him to be another NBA prospect for the O’bannon family.

Jarred Vanderbilt – Class of 2017
Really, really like what we saw out of this 5 star ESPN recruit from the Houston Hoops.  Slasher/Scoorer and very crafty with the rock.  Basketball IQ and craftiness of the game very high for a kid who is 6’7 and handles the rock with the best of them.  One of those players who just has a skillset that you love to watch and seems as though he gets better and does something new each game.  Definitely a very high prospect for the class of 2017.

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